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  Home >> Product >> Vag immo + Code calculator >> Julie Universal Car Emulator for Immobilizer ECU Airbag Dashboard

Julie Universal Car Emulator for Immobilizer ECU Airbag Dashboard [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Weight:.05 kg.
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Julie Universal Car Emulator for Immobilizer ECU Airbag Dashboard
Immo OFF solutions
AirBag (Seat Occupancy Sensor) 
- Two sides. Double power.
We just couldn’t fit all new features and components on only one side of the emulator, 
so we decided to make use of the space on the other side.  
More comfortable program selection
The jumpers that you solder in order to select programs have been moved to the back side of the emulator. 
Thanks to this change, we have gained some extra space. 
Additional 24C02 memory
The new version of Julie contains a memory that you previously needed to get yourself. 
Adding this memory directly into the emulator is too important not to devote more attention to it... 
- External memory. Inside the emulator.
No more complicated procedures, tiresome soldering of memory legs or adapter into the emulator.
 From now on, 24C02 memory is built directly into Julie Emulator!
 If a certain program requires using this memory, simply unsolder it, 
program it according to our instructions and solder it back in its place.
- LED Version Indicator
We have noticed, that our customers quite often do not know which version of Julie Emulator they have, 
therefore not knowing if their emulator has the latest programs.
From now on, you can check your Julie Emulator version by simply connecting it to power supply.
From the very beginning we have been focusing mainly on immobilisers.
So it goes without saying that immo is the specialty for our emulator.
Julie Emulator enables you to turn off or replace original immobiliser signal in thousands of popular ECUs and cars. 
To make the terminology easier, we have decided that all programs dedicated to immo are called IMMO OFF programs.
Although the majority of programs do not actually remove immobiliser permanently, but replace it, 
the effect remains the same - as long as Julie Emulator is connected to the ECU, the immobiliser is turned off. 
Latest IMMO OFF solutions 
Visteon DCU 102 | Citroen / Peugeot
MM IAW 5SF8 | Fiat / Alfa Romeo / Lancia
Hottest IMMO OFF solutions 
Simos PCR2.1 | VAG group
Simos PPD1.2 | VAG group 
Siemens SIM32 | Citroen & Peugeot

Julie Car Emulator Support Vehicle Brands:
Alfa Romeo,Audi,BMW,Chrysler,Citroen,Daewoo,Fiat,Honda,Jeep,Kia,Lancia,Mazda,Mercedes,Nissan,Opel,Peugeot, Polonez,Renault,Seat,Skoda,Subaru,Suzuki,Volkswagen,Volvo,Yamaha
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