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Locksmith Tools for A7 Key Cutting Machine [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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Weight:20 kg.
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List Price:$899.00
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Locksmith Tools for A7 Key Cutting Machine

A7 Functions and Feature:

1. Built-in battery

    Built-in internal battery enables key cutting without external power supply.

2. Both standard and laser key cut

    Cuts the both standard keys and laser keys in one system.

3. Decode and cut

    Both decoding and cutting are available. Decoding converts decoded information to original bitting with its electric tracer.

4. Bluetooth wireless communication & mobile device support

5. Stand-alone

    Retrieve and cut keys using embedded LCD and keys.

    Hundreds of key data are stored in an internal memory.

6. Automatic key measurement

7. Automatic cutter length sensor

8. 3 axes

9. One clamp for holding all types of keys

10. Support with various power source (portable battery, vehicle cigarette cord, AC, etc)

       Just directly plug into vehicle cigar cord. (no inverter is needed)

       Built-in battery enables portable use of the machine.

       All range of AC source is supported from 100V to 240V at 50/60Hz.

11. Bright LED light for night

12. Easy data management of user-defined key

13. Bright LED light helps easy night work.

14. Automatic cutter length sensor is doesn't support bluetooth function

How to use?


Single-sided and double-sided standard key and laser key cut


Decode and cut


Automatic key measurement


One clamp for holding all types of keys

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